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A legal team with a rich history

The first black law firm in Martin County, Gary, Williams, Parenti, Watson & Gary, P.L. was established in 1975 and has stood for the pursuit of justice ever since. Although we began as a grassroots practice, over the years our attorneys have made a name for the firm by winning several verdicts in excess of $1 million.

Our experienced attorneys take on large and small cases, and our reputation gives you an advantage in your case. Even though our firm has enjoyed plenty of success, we never forget what drives us each day — fighting for you and your family.

Our attorneys

Our firm’s partners and associate attorneys have a vast range of legal experience, particularly in personal injury cases. If you or a family member has suffered due to a car accident, workplace injury, neglect, discrimination or more, you can turn to our compassionate and client-driven team for the representation you need during a difficult time. Put your trust in our experienced lawyers. We’re here to be your voice and get you the compensation you deserve if you’ve been injured.


Willie E. Gary
Lorenzo Williams
Donald N. Watson
Sekou Gary
Robert V. Parenti
Chan Abney


Tanisha Gary
Arnold Gaines
Paul D. Mark Lucas
Debra Nolan
Victor Swift
Tom Weiksnar
Nick Voglio



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